Stay tuned in the next few weeks and months as I begin my writing career and share my journey……I started the first chapter on my recent trip to England!

July 25th:

I have been busy writing here and there the past few weeks, after I finally got the shop closed down.  I found myself with less time to write than I liked, as there were so many details involved, even after we were out of the building.  A 13 year business takes some effort to finalize everything, but I am on the tail end of all the things that needed to be done.

I started writing on this older program I had on my computer but it was really awkward because it wouldn’t allow easy editing or moving chapters around here and there.  I did hours of research last weekend before finding a good and simple writing program that I like and think will work for me.  One of the things it does is a running word count, which is important, because there are an average of 250 words to a page and if I am to write a 250 page novel, I need to know where I am at. But a really FUN feature that I am quite giddy about, is that as I am typing….the computer makes typewriter clacking sounds….like I am typing on a typewriter.  I LOVE THIS!

September 14th:

I have settled into a routine of writing late in the evening. It’s quiet and peaceful and I have always been a night owl. There have been weeks where I only write one evening but my hope is to write at least three or four times a week. I have been playing around with dialogue, which is tougher to write than one thinks. I am trying to not put too much pressure on my self with this first draft and just get the story down..rough edges and all. I figure I will then be able to go back and hone it and polish and add and so forth.

As of this evening I have written 8300 words…or about 33 pages. It feels like a very solid good start.